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Fully-Furnished Apartments Designed For Students

When you’re ready to move off campus, rexHOUSING allows you to avoid the stress of buying and moving furniture so you can focus on school and not transporting lots of things. Moving in is really easy – just pack your clothes and a computer. Once you’re in your new place, you’ll have a quiet home where you can focus away from the distractions of campus, but you’ll be close to everything fun when you need a break.

Student Housing Made Easy


Beaches. Food. Nightlife. rexHOUSING is close to all the entertainment options a college student could want when they’re not in class. If you’re looking for fully-furnished student housing, we have a special place reserved just for you.


Our apartments for college students come with everything you need to feel at home. Modern furnishings fill every room, from bedroom sets to paintings to TVs. Moving in and out is always easy because it’s no different than packing for a trip. It’s also nice to not carry a mattress up three flights of stairs, or even worse, pay someone else to do it.


When you choose rexHOUSING to live off campus, all of life’s necessities are included. Each unit comes with designated parking spaces so you don’t have to worry about your parallel parking skills. You’ll also find that every rental has cable television and a private wifi connection.


Our kitchens are stocked with dishes, plates, glasses and utensils. There are also plenty of pots and pans and a spatula or two so you can cook whatever you want. We make sure all the appliances you need and more are at your fingertips, including a microwave, oven, dishwasher and coffee maker.


A trip to campus or even the beach from our student apartments is never a long trip. We have student housing available in Los Angeles, Berkeley, Irvine and San Francisco - some of the hottest locations along the west coast. If you’re looking to ride cable cars or check out a Lakers game, we’ve got an affordable student housing option for you.


Eat. Study. Live. Repeat. We take care of the rest with our fully furnished student housing.


Rexidence apartments come fully-furnished with everything you need!


We've perfected the short-term housing experience so you can enjoy your home wherever, whenever!


Whether Los Angeles, Berkeley, San Francisco or Irvine, you have a home waiting for you!


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