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All you need to bring are your clothes and groceries. A fully-furnished apartment is equipped with the necessities to make the move-in process as easy as possible. There’s no need to buy or ship any furniture or appliances, because it’s already in the rental. It’s basically like going to a vacation rental, but living there permanently instead.


The kitchen is stocked with everything you need to cook a dinner, minus the food. When you look in the cabinets, you’ll find plates, bowls, glasses and silverware. There’s also all the necessary pots and pans to cook on the stove or bake a meal in the oven. For TV dinners or a quick reheat, each unit has a microwave. All the other appliances you would expect are included, such as a refrigerator, dishwasher and garbage disposal. And if you like coffee, there’s a machine for that, too. 


The bedrooms are equipped with a bed, nightstand and dresser. Extra sheets for the beds can be found in the closet, in addition to an extra blanket for guests or movie nights. 


Each living room has plenty of seating and end tables, plus a TV connected to cable service. The utilities are all included, too, so there’s nothing to have connected, not even internet service. And all units come with private WIFI access, allowing you to surf and stream as much as you want.

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